Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist
It is officially spring! The trees and flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer, and everything feels fresh and new. Here are a few spring cleaning tips to bring that spring feeling in and around your home. 


By the time winter ends, your home’s exterior will be in need of some care and cleaning, and the best way to attack things outside is to start at the top and work your way down. From checking for any winter weather damage to cleaning up flower beds, below are the key areas to assess and clean:

Assess the roof

Inspecting your roof for any winter weather damage, such as missing or cracked shingles, is critical to prevent further damage to your home. Also, remove debris like leaves or small tree branches that may have landed on the roof. 

Clean the gutters 

As they say: April showers bring May flowers! The last thing you want is clogged gutters. After you inspect and clean debris off your roof, ensure your gutters are cleaned of dead leaves and debris from the fall and winter.

Check the siding

Check your home’s siding for any cracks or holes that would allow water to enter, potentially leading to mold and rot issues down the road, and wash off any mold or algae growing on the siding. 


Wash the windows

Windows can become extremely dirty throughout the year as pollen, dust and debris of all shapes and sizes adhere to the glass. With your roof and siding already clean, this is the perfect time to give your windows some attention. Make sure to remove window screens to prevent causing holes, and repair or replace screens that have become damaged over time. 

Refresh the patio and deck

Patios and decks undergo wear and tear all year long. Clean off any algae or mold, repair any damage from rot or termites, and repair or replace any damage to concrete pavers or slabs. Be sure also to re-stain your deck so it can continue to sustain all weather conditions and use. 

Spruce up your garden.

Spruce up the garden and flower beds

You’ve cleaned the roof, gutters, siding, patio and deck. The last thing you want is the eyesore of dead leaves and plants piled up in your flower beds or dead trees and bushes. Cleaning up the flower beds and spreading mulch will make your home’s exterior look tidy, and planting new trees or bushes will help your home stand out. 


Now it’s time to freshen up the inside of your home. The best place to start? Get rid of anything you don’t use or need. Just like you did with your exterior cleanup, work your way from the top down. 

Clean and organize bedrooms and closets

Clean and freshen the bedding, and put away the heavier winter sheets and blankets. Clean and organize bedside stands and dressers. While switching out your winter wardrobe for your spring one, go through and pull out and donate anything you haven’t worn recently or no longer want.

Give the bathrooms some extra love

In addition to your regular bathroom cleaning, complete a few extra tasks to refresh the bathrooms. Go through products and discard anything old or unused, replace your toothbrush, and clean the holder. Also, wash or replace the shower curtain and bath mats and deep clean or replace the bath towels. 

Take a deep dive into cleaning the living room.

Do a deep dive in the living room

Dust and polish the coffee table, end tables, entertainment center, shelves, etc. Remove the cushions and pillows, and vacuum both the cushions and furniture. Move the furniture around to vacuum underneath, and shampoo carpets and upholstery.

Keep it clean and fresh in the kitchen

Throw out any old or expired food in your cupboards and pantry. Next, take everything out of your refrigerator, discard any old or spoiled food, and wipe out the drawers and shelves. Clean off and wipe down the countertops and cabinet doors and drawers. Also, clean the top and sides of the stove and inside the oven. Deep clean the dishwasher and remove any built-up debris in the filter. Clean and sanitize the microwave and any other countertop appliances. 

Spot-check throughout the house

Clean the baseboards, walls and ceilings. Wash the inside of the windows and wash or vacuum window treatments. Wipe down ceiling fixtures, such as fans, chandeliers and vents, and dust off wall decor and the door and window frames. Wash or clean floors, and vacuum and shampoo floor mats and rugs. Finally, check and replace burned-out light bulbs.